Triangle Green Investment Circle

This entry was posted Thursday, 3 June, 2010 at 1:34 pm

In an effort to promote greater investment and lending capital, The Forest Foundation and its Community Sustainable Energy project will be hosting monthly investment circle meetings, to pool ideas on how we as a community can do more to help jump start the local, green economy.

Focus will be on creating a pool of money that can be loaned or invested, with a certain rate of return, currently CDs are at 3%.  Matching that is feasible with relatively low risk.  an option should exist for folks to be able to pull out annually.  An investment or loan portfolio should be diverse and relatively risk free.  Simply investing in green energy index funds should yield 10% or better.  Goals would be to get a reasonable number of investors that would allow a consensus  system of governance.  Options could exist for active or passive investments.  Plenty of examples exist in other communities.

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