ReweavingNC- Alternative Economies Conference (Sept 21, 2013)

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We  need a new Cosmology, fundamental change in the way we perceive and interact with the each other and the world, a proper ordering. (Thomas Berry)  We need to redefine the human at the species level.  If we can speak to our spiritual needs we can talk to anyone.

Natural Capital is the basis of all forms of capital (Lovins et al), We can achieve a factor 5 improvement in energy efficiency.

Follow the Energy(Money) Cycle, Ecological Flow

We lose Money out of our community through

1. Food

2. Energy

3. Capital(lending)

Community Supported Energy (CSE),

Our GOAL Campus uses a new Model for redevelopment, using Closed Loop Systems/Biomimicry and promoting Distributed Systems of energy production.  We value-add waste to fuel to transportation.

My Background

UNCW, Research on Industrial Chemistry and Natural Gas, interest in working for the petro-chemical industry, infiltrating and subverting the paradigm within.  Never got in.

Story of Carolina Biodiesel/Greenway Transit/GOAL model

Used slow money loans for cash, out of pocket, some bank credit

Tried to achieve a balanced approach to my life in activism and business

Promote our organizations and hybrid model as a stable base to engage and provide focus and continuity to University. University communities are centers for progressive, creative vision, youth activism and create a high demand for a green economy.  We need more tangible, local results to inspire, but also must plug into the need for activism and reforms locally and nationally.

Jacksons Solar Street Lights Project

I.                Participatory model

II.             Community Infrastructure model

III.          Can ride additional projects in on structure


Combining Social Justice with mission?

Often solutions that are inclusive of the broadest based needs tend to be most efficient and effective, Green Jobs training experience

Capital investment ideas for divestment?

Need to focus on self-sufficiency due to limited resources, capital can help achieve scale and replicate more rapidly.  Hybrid model strategy